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Julie Crisp

Literary agent, editorial consultant, freelance editor, script doctor

I am an editor with over fifteen years’ experience working for three major houses across a broad spectrum of commercial titles within fiction, non-fiction and children’s. This also included three years spent working in the Australian publishing industry. Most recently I headed up the UK arm of one of the largest global brands of science fiction and fantasy, Tor. I’ve worked on bestselling and award-winning authors such as Ann Cleeves, Peter F. Hamilton, China Miéville, Neal Asher, Amanda Hocking, Naomi Novik and TV/Game partnerships including Halo, The Returned, The Walking Dead and Twin Peaks. 

I have gained skills in the management of a global brand imprint, creating publishing strategies, acquiring competitive copyrights, launching a community website, growing profit margins and overseeing campaigns to achieve bestseller status for titles. I am a commercially-minded editor with a depth of experience and good working knowledge of the current market.


Script Doctor

In today’s competitive market, your manuscript being 'book-ready' will greatly enhance your chances of an editor or agent taking your work seriously.

Editing has always been an aspect of publishing that I have enjoyed most. It needs to be a collaborative process and the authors I have worked with have valued the advice and editorial feedback I provided about their novels.

There are various levels of editing I can offer, including a full line and structural report, a full structural report or a reader’s report with general advice about the broader aspects of the plot.

If you are interested in having your manuscript looked at by a fully-qualified, experienced and professional editor then please use the contact page to request a quotation.

'A fantastic editor'

-Ann Cleeves

'Julie is a fantastic editor. She has that rare ability not only to pick up what's wrong with a book, but to know exactly what's needed to put it right'

'A personal pleasure'

- China Miéville

'Working with Julie Crisp is a personal pleasure and professional privilege and just about the best thing that can possibly happen for your book'

'Proved invaluable'

- Peter F. Hamilton

'Julie Crisp has been my editor for many years.  The work she has done on my manuscripts has proved invaluable and made me realise just how important it is for an author to be edited professionally.  Julie is that editor'

'A wonderful mentor'

- Paul Cornell

'Julie Crisp taught me how to write novels. She's one of the best editors I've ever worked with, and a wonderful mentor. If you're wondering if she should be your agent, the answer is yes'

'Took me to the next level as a writer'

- Adam Nevill

'Julie was my editor for seven novels at Pan Macmillan and took me to the next level as a writer. I learned to rely upon her inner metronome that is finally tuned to the pace and fluency of a story. So, when your own inner reader is unsure, or kidding itself, she has a second pair of eyes that your manuscript may well need. And she's expert at spotting things that you are secretly unsure about, but can't explain why to yourself: well, she'll tell you'

'Passionate and clinical'

- John Gwynne

'Julie Crisp is unique, her editorial eye being both passionate and clinical. Her talent and polishing skills have been a constant source of amazement to me, without which The Faithful and the Fallen would never have seen the light of day. Whether as agent or editor, if Julie is in your corner you can breathe easy and concentrate on the important bit. Your writing'

'Editorial precision'

- Mark Charan Newton

'Julie not only has the editorial precision of a samurai sword to cut through manuscripts, but has the sensitivity and wisdom to get the very best out of authors and their books'

'Immaculately professional'

- Adrian Tchaikovsky

'Julie is never less than immaculately professional. I worked with her as my editor for six years and always knew that I could rely on her'

'Farsighted, energetic'

- Rjurik Davidson

'Julie Crisp is one of the most farsighted, energetic, and professional people working in publishing. My books wouldn't have made it without her'

'Produce a stronger work'

- Laura Lam

'Julie's edits are thorough, with no plot hole or awkward sentence being spared. Any writer would grow under her guidance and produce a stronger work'

'A unique structural eye'

- Ben Peek

'Julie Crisp is possessed of a unique structural eye. While others may look at a portion, or a section, she sees the whole, and sees it clearly. Trust in her and you'll be fine'

'Everything you could wish for in an editor'

- Lucy Hounsom

'Julie has a sharp eye for detail as well as the overall structure of a manuscript and offers constructive advice while remaining sensitive to character and themes. I've been extremely fortunate to work with her and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her skills to writers both new and established.'


I am actively looking for exciting new novels in science fiction and fantasy, crime/thrillers, book club fiction, young adult and middle-grade children’s fiction. 

If you would like to submit your novel for my consideration then please email me on sending me the first three chapters in a word document, double-spaced, including a short synopsis. I will reply within eight weeks.


Client List

My existing client list is available to look at. For any publishing/film/translation interest then please contact me directly on: