A Change of Direction

So a few things have happened over the last month that have resulted in a completely different change of direction for me.

Before now you'd have probably known me for all the work I've done with Tor UK. Nine years spent publishing fantastic authors such as China Miéville, Peter F. Hamilton, Naomi Novik, Mark Charan Newton, Paul Cornell, John Gwynne, Laura Lam, finding new talents like Blake Crouch, signing up The Returned and Twin Peaks tie-ins. And believe me - leaving my authors was one of the most difficult things I've ever done. Thankfully, I'll still continue editing many of them on a freelance basis - they haven't quite escaped my red pen just yet! ;-)

While there is sadness at leaving them and the talented Team Tor, there is also rather a lot of excitement about what the future holds and all the possibilities that have opened up because of this change.

The most enjoyable part of the job for me was always working with the authors. Starting with that moment when a submission came in which was unputdownable. Then negotiating, acquiring and the real fun - editing to ensure that the best possible book went out to the readers. Alongside that I got to meet some absolutely fabulous people within the genre community, make some friends and attend some truly memorable conventions. Yes, I'm looking at you Sarah Pinborough! :-)

But these are things that don't have to change. Just because I'm no longer working in a publishing house doesn't mean I can't take all those years of experience and connections within the industry and do something even more exciting. So this is the plan. A new start. A new direction. A chance to work with authors right from the start, utilise my years of editorial experience to help shape their scripts and then - use all the contacts I've gathered over the years to pitch them to publishers.

And it will be different. Fifteen years of structure and instruction to now being my own boss. But, having been described recently by a colleague as 'tenacious as f*ck' (I'm going to add that into my bio), I know this is something I can do. And do well.

Over the next few months I'll be blogging regularly about what I'm up to - as a freelance editor, script doctor and literary agent. The highs (I'm looking for lots of those), the lows (hopefully not as many...) and all the bits in the middle. I do hope you'll join me on the journey.