Another exciting client signed up

I know there's been a bit of radio silence for the last couple of months but I promise I haven't been sat twiddling my thumbs. I finally managed to get through the vast backlog of submissions and have responded to everyone who submitted to me prior the end of July. I hope!

I've also been editing Sam Hawke's fantasy novel which was great fun. I sent all the notes to the author yesterday and we had a lovely catch-up via Skype to bounce around ideas for the rework.

Then life in general has thrown a couple of curve balls which have been more than a little testing. However, on the upside I have a fabulous announcement that I've signed up another author to represent. Yay!! You can see the press release here:


August 18, 2015

A. S. Moser signed up by Crisp

Julie Crisp signs up techno-thriller debut A. S. Moser

Julie Crisp, literary agent, has signed up an original techno thriller by debut American author A.S. Moser. Crisp, formerly an editorial director of fiction at Pan Macmillan, left the company in May to set up her own business.

A.S. Moser is an American author whose novel AT CLOSE OF DAY explores the lengths that society will go to in order to find a cure for humanity’s greatest threat: death - and what some will do to keep that secret for themselves.

Twenty years from now, a private research institute in remote Bretagne develops a treatment to reverse aging. With the ability to decide who lives and who dies, they'll stop at nothing to protect their secrets.

Mark Hilder is a fourteen year old hacker with a legendary record. When his mother, a small time reporter who thinks she's on to a career-making story, is killed, Mark suspects murder and becomes obsessed with finding out who did it and why.

Tamara Vaughn, a Vanderbilt neurologist specializing in cellular and molecular pathology, is recruited to a top secret facility in northwest France. The secretive nature of the facility, the high security and the fact that the scientists keep disappearing soon arouses her suspicion that all is not what it seems.

Set in the US, France and New Zealand the action moves across continents as Mark and Tamara are pitted against governments and secret organizations determined to prevent them revealing the truth: no matter what the cost.

Crisp said ‘I’m so excited by this crossover thriller. With plenty of action and pace it’s an incredibly filmic, commercial novel that should appeal to readers of Dan Brown and Michael Crichton just as much as readers of traditional genre.’

A.S. Moser commented ‘I'm thrilled to be working with Julie on bringing this exciting project to the public. Her editorial background working with some of the biggest names in genre means a tremendous opportunity to bring the best possible book to readers everywhere.’

About the author: A. S Moser has lived and worked in New Zealand, South Korea, and Hong Kong, and travelled extensively in South America and Asia.  He’s been a university adjunct, fishmonger, marketing writer, ESL teacher, housekeeper, writing tutor, overnight security guard, and most recently a stay at home parent. Previous publications include the novella ‘Libations’ (Kaleidotrope, 2011), and quarterly fiction reviews for Strange Horizons.

You can find A. S. Moser online at or on Twitter as @TheASMoser