New Norse series by John Gwynne snapped up by Orbit UK/US

Another week and some more exciting news. A brand new series by epic fantasy author, John Gwynne, which has been acquired by Orbit in a worldwide deal. The full press release is below:



Orbit editor James Long has acquired world rights in a new epic fantasy trilogy by John Gwynne, from literary agent Julie Crisp. Orbit UK will publish alongside sister imprint Orbit US in a co-ordinated international publication, with the first book scheduled for Spring 2021.

Long said: ‘I’ve been a huge fan of John’s writing ever since his superb debut Malice, so I’m delighted to welcome him to Orbit UK. This new series – set in a fantasy world inspired by Norse mythology – promises to be John’s most exciting work to date, and will feature all of the hallmarks that have made him such a big name in British fantasy: memorable characters, thrilling action and imaginative world-building.’

Gwynne said: ‘I’m delighted to be joining the Orbit team for my new series, set in an all-new world with characters that I am deeply excited to write about. The team at Orbit are so passionate and enthusiastic and I can’t wait to begin work with them on this project. I’m looking forward to the journey ahead.’

Crisp said: ‘Orbit has a reputation for publishing some huge brands in SFF and we’re thrilled that John Gwynne will be joining their ranks for his exciting new series.'

The new series will be set against a backdrop of Norse and Scandinavian mythology and history. John, with all his experience of being part of a Viking warrior horde, is hugely enthusiastic about starting a brand new adventure, with new characters in a totally different world to that of his beloved Banished Lands. He’s told us a little about the new premise below - excited much?!!

The Gods are dead. The world is broken.

The old Gods have fought themselves to extinction, their remains scattered across the battleground of a fractured land, where monsters roam and humans are most definitely not the apex predator.

 From the ashes of this cataclysm a new world must be forged, territories carved out and ruled over by new Jarls, petty kings and queens, all hungry for power. No matter what the cost.

 And there is power to be found within the remains of the gods – their bones, their weapons and jewels, and their off-spring. The half-breed children of Gods and humans, gifted with powers that make them a fearsome enemy – and a desirable prize.

 Mercenary bands form, hired to search out these relics, remains and God-children, competing against one another for the most powerful, seeking to sell them to the highest bidder. Power doesn’t come cheap.


Like a combination of The Witcher meets Beowulf but with John’s own incredible touch when it comes to writing characters (good and bad) that we care about, I’m sure his readership and a whole brand new fanbase is going to adore these new books.